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        Hangzhou Lingeba Technology Co., Ltd is a professional company committed to offering cosmetic functional materials, including NanoBioActives.
We are dedicated to applying biological,chemical and Nano delivery technology to research, develop and produce cosmetic raw materials. With unique marketing concept and management experience,Lingeba keeps exploring customer needs and responding quickly to provide customers with safe,effective and competitive high-quality functional raw materials.

In cooperation with PuriParm medical technology company,Lingeba has successfully established green chemistry,Nano-liposomes,Nanomicelles,Nanoemulsions,biotechnology and other technical platforms. Specialized in the development and production of bioactive cosmetic raw materials,Lingeba provides products and services for the personal care industry,solves the bottlenecks of the practical application of bioactive ingredients and improves active stability,solubility and efficiency to make better use of it.



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